Direction to Marina Rubicón
Lanzarote Final Destination

Récord de la travesía Estrecho - Lanzarote

Premio al barco más rápido en tiempo real

The Strait of Gibraltar crossing is always a challenge for any sailor, such more if you are involved in a regatta and a little bit more if it takes place in autumn season. Exactly, the 4th of November 2015 will be the start of the third and final stage of the Atlantic Gate Rally, between Sotogrande and Lanzarote. The wind will tell us how actually complex will be crossing between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean .

In any case , it is clear that this adventure deserves an own reward. For that reason, the Atlantic Gate Rally awards a prize to the first sailboat to complete the rally between Strait of Gibraltar and Lanzarote in real time. The sailboat which gets the prize will set the record that others ships will have to attemp to break in subsequent editions of the AGR .

¿What is more important in this challenge, the sailboat, the crew or the strategy?

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