Direction to Marina Rubicón
Lanzarote Final Destination

Seguimiento satelital online

Tracking de la regata

Atlantic Gate Rally provides online satellite tracking during the whole race for keeping the crews safe and localized.

The rally  can be tracked in real time by internet and social media networks.

Each boat has a device which gets 10 minutes up-to-date positioning and just in case “Help” button to send a message for assistance.

¿What information is provided by the tracking web ?

  • Course of the sailboats.
  • Average Speed between the two last positions and also average speed since the first start.
  • Expected arrival time.
  • Ranking: real time arrival and corrected time of each boat at the end of each leg.
  • Boats and crews data: name, class, ranking, nationality and photos of the sailboats and theirs crews.

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